Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Disarray in the NBA

As the lockout shortened season enters its first month, the casualties resulting from little to no rest start to mount. Recently, Hawks C/F Al Horford tore a muscle in his shoulder that required surgery, leaving the perennial All-Star out until the playoff push or the playoffs in general. Add to that list Memphis' Zach Randolph, who is out for a similar amount of time and two rising stars are out. Couple that with injuries to Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony among many more and this leaves the NBA in limbo. With all that being said...the NBA standings are a little different. Boston and New York have struggled big time and the 76ers have taken the Atlantic Division and if these two teams aren't careful, they'll runaway with it. The Southeast is up to its usual tricks again...Miami, Atlanta and Orlando are in playoff spots as usual. The Central has a newcomer to the division title race: the Indiana Pacers and no, its not "Miller Time" but it is a new day and Indy could be a #6 in the highly competitive East. As for the West...of course when you add CP3 to the Clippers they would be a playoff team. But I'm not quite ready to crown them West champs. Speaking of champs, the Mavs picked up Lamar Odom to replace Tyson Chandler. And they are so so right now but the team that they beat in the West Finals, the OKC Thunder is ready for a run for gold..."Thunder Up"! The team that is silent but deadly is the Portland Trail Blazers...yeah, I know you had to take a sec to look up the team, its ok. But Wallace, Aldridge and Crawford are putting teams to shame. Add the other LA and a resurging Spurs team, and the West is wilder than ever. I said all that to say this: It's mid January. WE STILL HAVE 3 JAM PACKED MONTHS OF BASKETBALL LEFT BEFORE THE PLAYOFFS! And I can't wait.

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