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The Slam Diary: Sound of the Squared Circle- The June PPV's

In my opinion, this is one of the best month's for PPV's and themes and is why I had so much fun doing this "Sounds of the Squared Circle for the June PPV's, which there have been 10 different PPV's in 10 years:

  • King of the Ring (June 2002- last King of the Ring on PPV)
  • Bad Blood (June 2003-2004, rebirth of old PPV where 1st Hell in a Cell match took place, RAW branded)
  • Great American Bash/The Bash (June 2004, rebirth, former NWA/WCW PPV and June 2009, final until SmackDown special in 2012)
  • One Night Stand: Extreme Rules (June 2007-2008, evolved from ECW One Night Stand)
  • Extreme Rules (June 2009, evolved from (you guessed it) One Night Stand: Extreme Rules, moved to April in 2010.)
  • Vengeance/Night of Champions (June 2005-2008)
  • Fatal 4-Way (June 2010, only PPV)
  • No Way Out (June 2012, rebirth, was February PPV from 1999-2009, replaced by Elimination Chamber)
June 2004's Great American Bash had a theme that, to this day, no one knows. You'll see...

June 2011's PPV, Capitol Punishment, had a production theme and thus will not be counted in the countdown...

So now that you know the PPV, let's move to the music...

June 2002
10th Annual King of the Ring
Nationwide Arena- Columbus, OH
Theme: Ride of Your Life-Neurotica

Rating: 7
For it's time period, its a great song. The Rock returns, Lesnar wins King of the Ring and Taker vs the Game. The Ride of Your Life.

June 2003
Bad Blood
Compaq Center, Houston, TX
Theme: Headstrong by Trapt

Rating: 9
This was a great PPV theme. Doesn't it just make you wanna fight?

June 2004

Bad Blood
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH
Theme: Sold Me by Seether

Rating: 6
I like the song, but you are following up the previous 2 with this? Stiff Competition...

Great American Bash
Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, VA
Theme: Do you know?

June 2005
Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV
Theme: Happy by Mudvayne

Rating: 9.5
The only reason that this doesn't get a 10, is that there is one other song in this countdown that deserves the 10.

June 2006
Charlotte Bobcats Arena (now Time Warner Cable Arena), Charlotte, NC
Theme: Victim by Eighteen Victims

Rating: 7
Great for the era and the Return of DX...awesomeness...

June 2007
One Night Stand: Extreme Rules
Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL
Theme: Famous by Puddle of Mudd

Rating: 10
In my opinion, the best theme to fit a PPV. Period. 

Vengeance: Night of Champions
Toyota Center, Houston, TX
Theme: Gone by Fuel

Rating: 9
This sadly fits this PPV. Great PPV but will be forever overshadow by the man we knew as Chris Benoit. (And no, I am not about to get into that argument)

June 2008
One Night Stand: Extreme Rules
San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
Theme: Hell Yeah by Rev Theory

Rating: 8
If this fits like a charm, give me a Hell Yeah!

June 2009
Extreme Rules 
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
Theme: You're Going Down by Sick Puppies

Rating: 9.5 
Its the same reason for Vengeance 2005.

The Bash
ARCO Arena, Sacramento, CA
Theme: Whyyawannabringdown by Aranda

Rating: 8
It fits very nicely, its like a party type theme.

June 2010
Fatal 4-Way
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
Theme: Showstopper by TobyMac

Rating: 7
Only reason it doesn't get higher is that it doesn't really fit the PPV.

June 2012
No Way Out
IZOD Center, Newark, NJ
Theme: Unstoppable by Charm City Devils

Rating: 9
This was a perfect theme for No Way Out to return to, and a overall good PPV.

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