Friday, May 4, 2012

The Slam Diary: Sounds of the Squared Circle- The April PPV's

After a 3 month delay, The Slam Diary is finally debuting the "Sounds of the Squared Circle" countdown, counting down all PPV Themes from a certain month! And April is on deck first and we will look at the themes from Backlash (2002-2009) and Extreme Rules (2010-2012), in chronological order, and give you our takes on them according to these guidelines:

  • Is it a good song?
  • How does it fit with the theme of the PPV?
  • Mainstream Success
With that being said, here we go!

Backlash 2002
Kemper Arena, Kansas City, KS
Theme: "Young Grow Old" by Creed

Jack: Rating- 5 out of 10
It's a good song, but didn't really fit the PPV. Especially when the prior month's WrestleMania had "Superstar" by Saliva and "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool.

Backlash 2003
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA
Theme: "Remedy" by Cold

Jack: Rating- 6
 It definitely isn't the most mainstream song, but this song fits right in with WWE at this time: Ruthless Aggression.

Backlash 2004
Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Theme: "Eyes Wired Shut" by Edgewater

Jack: Rating- 6
See last review...

Backlash 2005 (May 1)
Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH
Theme: "Stronger" by Trust Company

Jack: Rating- 7
This song fits with the angle at the time, Batista vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Backlash 2006
Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
Theme: "Baby Hates Me" by Danko Jones

Jack: Rating- 5
I like this song, but this song doesn't fit with the tradition of Backlash.

Backlash 2007
Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA
Theme: "There and Back Again" by Chris Daughtry

Jack: Rating- 9
This song fit the era, fit the environment, fit everything about this PPV.

Backlash 2008
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD
Theme: "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock

Jack: Rating- 5
It's another case of good song, but does it really fit Backlash?

Backlash 2009
Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence, RI
Theme: "Seasons" by The Veer Union

Jack: Rating- 10
This is fits it all, hits every criteria, and it's a damn good song!

Extreme Rules 2010 
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD
Theme: "Time to Shine" by Saliva

Jack: Rating- 8
With statement wins by Sheamus and Jack Swagger, I'd say this song fits!

Extreme Rules 2011 (May 1)
St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL
Theme: "Justice" by Rev Theory

Jack: Rating- 7
I like the song, but outside of Osama dying, what justice was there?

Excuse the Spanish Version, it was the best on YouTube...

Extreme Rules 2012
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL
Theme: "Adrenaline" by Shinedown

Jack: Rating- 8
Very fast paced night, Lesnar/Cena stole the show and we saw BLOOD! I should give it a 10 off that alone...I need a shot... of that sweet adrenaline!

Join us as Matt (whose probably in some Northeast GA hospital after the Hawks performance tonight) and I  bring you another "Sounds of the Squared Circle", the May PPV's are up next, Judgment Day and Over the Limit!

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