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The Slam Diary: The 25th Annual Royal Rumble

Welcome to the 1st edition of "The Slam Diary" as we get you set for the 25th annual Royal Rumble this Sunday from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri! First things first, we are gonna address what we feel are the five most burning questions going into Sunday night.

  1. Will the real John Cena show up in St. Louis?

Matt:  Well folks, my answer to this question is maybe. Cena and Kane have a good storyline going on RAW. If you watched RAW this past Monday you saw that Cena was pushed to the limit by Kane. I want to see Cena really unleash his inner "hate" and last a good while in the Rumble. Do I honestly think that Cena will unleash his hate? It is too hard to tell. Keep in mind if the WWE toys with Cena's character too much he could lose a good chunk of his fan base. I think that he will show signs of a new character shift, but it will not be completed Sunday in St. Louis.

Jack: Many of us in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) have been begging and praying for either a John Cena heel turn or a return to the Dr. of Thuganomics. Now, he's shown signs that the aggression that he had (for instance during his feud with Carlito in late '04) is coming back. But is it really coming back? Can the Chain Gang really return? Seeing how he's probably the heel in the matchup with the Rock at 'Mania, why not now? But look towards Elimination Chamber for the full fledged turn. Sorry CeNation. (shaking my head). 

2.    Will “Johnny Ace” screw CM Punk?

Jack: I’m torn on this one. On one hand, if Laur- I can’t remember how to spell his damn name, but if our interim GM decides to do it…we’ll be saying bye bye on Raw the next night. That and CM Punk will “beat him like a bitch.” On the other hand, will he be too intimidated and shrivel up like the pathetic asshole he’s been since October. Just because I want to see CM Punk beat ole Johnny Ace within a inch of his life, Punk will get screwed and Dolph Ziggler will walk out the “Gateway City” as champ. What the hell did I just say?!

Matt: CM Punk is in one of the biggest hard spots anyone in the WWE you could ever face. I agree with Jack I would love to see Punk destroy ole' Johnny Ace the next night on RAW. Ladies and Gentlemen here is how it will all go down. Johnny Ace will try to screw Punk during the WWE title match against Ziggler, but Triple H will save the day! I think Punk takes out our interiem GM with a GTS or maybe even a chairshot. Then Triple H comes out to finish the match as the new ref and Punk retains his WWE title. This could lead into a triple threat match at WM betweem Punk Jericho and Ziggler for the WWE title, if everthing goes the way I have it planned out in my head. I can dream, can't I?

3.    Is there anyway that Daniel Bryan survives two monsters in a steel cage with the title on the line?

Matt: I really do not understand where the WWE is going with this story. Mark Henry was in the middle of the biggest push of his career until he tweaked his ankle. The WWE then decided to have him drop the WHC to the Big Show at TLC, only then to have Daniel Bryan cash in on Show. Go figure right? Well now we are stuck with a pretty bad storyline, and to top it all off we are trying to sell Bryan as a heel? This match and storyline just has bad written all over it. I think Bryan retains somehow. By the way, big props to Henry for working through this injury. You my friend made SmackDown entertaining to watch again!

Jack: I’m gonna use a quote Tazz once used. "If you don’t believe in God, start." This is like the Great Khali v in the hell are you supposed to keep two giants down long enough to escape because Bryan isn’t pinning or making anyone tap? This is like his worst nightmare come to life. Oh, well.

4.    Does Jericho actually do something to get excited about?

Jack: Oh, yes. Somebody better bust out the tune he came out at the ’02 Survivor Series (Saliva- King of My World)

Matt: Yes, let me put it this way. If you miss this RR you are a damn fool.

5.    Who is your top 3 surprise entrants into the Royal Rumble Match?

Matt: 3. Christian: Well Christian has been side lined for a good while with a bummed leg, it fits that he return at the RR. 2. Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Hacksaw I say just because I like to believe that is always right. 1. The Rock: And lastly The Rock because he really needs to show his face, WM is right around the corner!

Jack: My top three is a dream: 1. Rob Van Dam: RVD was a surprise in 2009 and was great. Mr. Monday Night would be great to see again. 2. Christian: Captain Charisma has been on the shelf lately, but Peeps, don’t fret, I expect him back in a big way Sunday. 3. The Rock: Hey Rock’s done filming movies we aren’t gonna see anyway…3 words. Boots To Asses.

And Now For The Slam Diary's "Predictions You Can Take To The Bank"

Matt Brown: Chris Jericho- Y2J! It makes perfect sense. He said it all Monday night when he said get ready for the end of the world as you know it on Sunday! He will win a go after Punk and his WWE title at WM! Punk and Jericho would work well in the ring together, and Punk has also been calling himself the best in the world? Hmmmm, didn't Jericho use that same phrase not too long ago? I guess we will find out who the best in the world is at WM.

Jack Patterson: Chris Jericho- "The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah" will win the Rumble for the first time...remember folks, Y2J main evented WM 26 two years ago...he can still get the job done and if him and "The Voice of the Voiceless" CM Punk get in a feud, I WILL BE GLUED TO EVERY MINUTE OF RAW!!! 

The official theme song of the 2012 Royal Rumble is "Dark Horses" by Switchfoot. 

So enjoy the Silver Anniversary of the Royal Rumble, Sunday @ 8pm on PPV. We'll be back next week with a recap of the event. The Road to WrestleMania begins now!

 "And you just got slammed..."


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