Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Several Projects On Deck for MOSM blog...

Many of you may have been wondering why we have been off the blog the last couple of weeks. Here's a couple reasons:

  • Both Matt and Jack have been battling illness (we're ok :) )
  • Matt dealing with Midterms
And the most important reason we've been off is to focus on bringing you the best content and opinion on the blogosphere. With that being said, here's some of the things we are working on over the next 6 months...

  • Complete WrestleMania 28, Extreme Rules, Over The Limit, Money In The Bank, No Way Out and SummerSlam coverage
  • Coverage of Opening Day for the Atlanta Braves (and the other 161 games too)
  • Capability to Live Blog
  • Several YouTube Original Series
  • Interviews with on the rise athletes in Georgia
  • Hawks coverage including the playoffs
  • and Much More!
So stay tuned here for more details, including what our YouTube address will be. But until then,

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And always remember to...

Oh, that reminds me, one of those things we might be working on (if things fall into place), will be M! True Piedmont Story (and yes, it's a Z! True Long Island Story parody)!


(always wanted to do that!)

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