Saturday, June 14, 2014

Time for a comeback...

Nearly 18 months ago, my goal with this blog was to give it new life. At the time however, I wasn't able to give it the time or dedication it takes to consistently come up with original content. That, along with unreliable equipment, made this a task that just couldn't be done in the correct way. So the blog was left by itself.

However, many things have changed in that time span. Reliable equipment has been acquired, time has freed up (to an extent), and I feel that now is a great time to announce that the blog is coming back. The first thing that will restart will be a trademark of the old days. "Sounds of the Squared Circle" and the "YouTube WWE Throwback Zone" will restart starting on June 25th. New things will also come to the blog. Firstly, there will be more of a focus on prep sports in Georgia and Alabama, and that coverage will start with my "Predictions YOU Can Take To The Bank," starting in August, leading to opening night on August 22. Also, you can find scores and highlights from the games in the Chattahoochee Valley when the season starts, taking you all the way to the state championships at the Georgia Dome and Jordan-Hare Stadium in December.

The blog will also get a facelift as well, because seeing the same design for 2 years can be tough on the eyes.

As times change, you change with them. It's time we caught up. Stay tuned with the blog over the next couple of months, as we make our comeback!


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